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“It’s hard to fathom, but even in Canada, a number of people live every day with hunger. Lack of resources means that they are without access to enough affordable, nutritious food.”

St. Albert Food Bank

The St. Albert Food Bank and Community Village strives to change that. A dedicated group of volunteers works to provide nutrition-based food hampers. All food included in hampers is donated—whether by individuals in our community or by generous St. Albert businesses.

Hampers are assembled according to the number of people in a family, and contents depend on the amount and type of donations available.

We gladly accept fresh produce and have the capacity to store fresh items.

Infant Formula Program

Are you a new mom struggling to provide infant formula for your baby?

Visit us for a full package of formula, bottles, we give diapers (once per week) and a layette. After your first visit you may come back once per week for formula and diaper.
You will also receive support from appropriate community resources to ensure that all of your concerns are being addressed.

Program History

Years ago, Brian Layton, past president of the St. Albert Food Bank, identified a need in the community. He noted that some new moms leaving the hospital after giving birth faced food insecurities and had trouble providing enough formula for their babies.

Brian sought to initiate an infant formula program and proposed it to Board of Directors of the St. Albert Food Bank. Board members embraced the idea and provided significant financial backing to kick start the program. With the help of Diane Plouffe of the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Brian established partnerships with social agencies and hospitals in St. Albert and Edmonton and organized the distribution of vouchers to mothers in need.

In 2013, the Infant Formula Program officially partnered with the Edmonton Food Bank and, rather than hand out vouchers, began delivering actual cans of formula, along with a full layette, bottles and diapers.

As such, mothers received the full package of formula, bottles and layette on their first visit, and they were encouraged to come back weekly for formula.

For more information about the program and eligibility criteria, contact: