About Us

Our History

After 25 years at its previous location (2100 square feet), the food bank moved to its present location. At over four times the size (9100 square feet), the new space allowed the organization to increase its capacity and offer a broader scope of programs and services.

This led to the opening of the St. Albert Community Village (SACV) in 2009. SACV supports vulnerable clients with a hand up rather than a handout. This approach seeks to address the underlying issues that bring clients to our door and encourages them to find solutions, regain their independence and achieve a brighter future for their families.

Organization and Agency Support

Our seamless service delivery would not be possible without the support of the over 20 community agencies and organizations who have seen us through our evolution. They have helped get us to where we are today, and we are ever grateful.

The St. Albert and Community Village have joined, and our programs and services are client focused and client based.