About Us

Committee & Working Groups

The St. Albert Food Bank and Community Village (SAFBCV) is very connected in the community. Collaborations and partnerships with local agencies, churches and other organizations ensure that we keep abreast up to date on current issues and emerging trends in human services—particularly as they relate to St. Albert.

Family Working Group

Comprising representatives from local family, youth and child-serving agencies.

The Family Working Group strives to:

  • Explore the strengths and challenges of families in our community
  • Be active in the planning and delivery of strategies that build on these strengths, while addressing the needs and challenges

Seniors Working Group

Comprising representatives from local senior-serving agencies.

The Senior Working Group strives to:

  • Increase the quality of life of St. Albert seniors
  • Make St. Albert a community for all ages

Outreach Networking Group

Comprising local front-line social workers that meet quarterly.

The Network Outreach Group strives to:

  • Discuss emerging trends and gaps, as well as new or changed resources and procedures
  • Keep abreast of happenings in social work as they relate to St. Albert

Friends of St. Albert Family &
Community Support Services

Because we’re funded by St. Albert Community and Social Development (CSD), the SAFBCV has membership and a voice at the Friends of FCSS table. The Friends of FCSS comprises the Executive Director of all St. Albert CSD-funded agencies and the Director of St. Albert CSD.